Power outages are a nuisance, but they are also part of life here in Southern California. When faced with an outage, you may find yourself wondering, “what is going on?” Yet, power outages are often a result of events beyond anyone’s, including the power company’s, control.

Below, read on for 7 things that can cause power outages in Southern California:

  • Storms Extreme wind, ice, snow and thunderstorms with lightning can all cause power outages. Wind can damage power lines, even knocking over poles which results in a power outage until the electric company can fix it. When lightning strikes electrical equipment, damage may occur, also resulting in an outage. Although not common, an ice storm can also quickly cause outages as wires may be pulled down under the weight of the ice. Mother nature can quickly bring power systems to their knees, and as long as the extreme weather continues, it’s unlikely the power will be back up any time soon.
  • Accidents Ever seen a car crash into a light post? Accidents can affect the power grid when they knock down power poles. Even if there is minimal damage, the power may be cut while repairs are performed.
  • Earthquakes When there’s a quake, large or small, the power grid may be affected. Downed power lines and damaged equipment can cause power outages that cause you inconveniences and frustrations.
  • Excavations Whether for building a foundation, gardening, uprooting a tree, or another purpose, excavations can run into underground cables. Sometimes these cables are disturbed, resulting in an outage. Before moving forward with any project that involves deep digging, make sure your call 811 to ensure that no power lines are on the project site. If there are, technicians will assist you in making sure you don’t run into them while digging.
  • Maintenance As with any infrastructure, improvements and repairs must be performed. Our electricity service is no exception. In these cases, when the power company foresees repairs, you’ll likely be notified in advance. This way you can be prepared for the upcoming power outage.
  • High Demand Although rare, sometimes unusually high demand for electricity can overburden the electrical equipment, resulting in an outage. In Southern California, this usually happens during heat waves, when everyone cranks their air conditioners to the max.
  • Animals Ever seen a squirrel running along a power line? Although electricity companies try to avoid wildlife coming into contact with electrical equipment, it can still happen from time to time; they can still get in and cause a short circuit.

There are many other reasons that a power outage may occur, but these are the main ones. You can count on the fact that you’ll occasionally experience a power outage in Southern California. And when it does happen, you’ll want to be prepared. What can you do to make sure you’re ready?

There are many things you can do to prepare, such as keeping a stock of non-perishable food that can be consumed easily on hand, having flashlights, and keeping a well-stocked first aid kit. Of course, most power outages cause minimal damage and are quickly repaired. In these cases, you just need to avoid the nuisances of an outage by keeping your computer backed up and ensuring your electrical appliances charged at all times.

To help make sure you’re prepared for a short power outage, consider using a UPS battery to provide emergency lighting or give you a few more minutes to use your computer and save important data before it shuts down. If you’re caught off-guard, a battery can provide you with the little bit of power you need to keep going and charge things like your phone or laptop.

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