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Wheelchair Batteries:

  • EVH12390 39AH Deep Cycle with Core – $85.00

Jet Ski Batteries:

  • Jet Ski Sealed Lead-Acid – Call for price

Home Alarm Batteries:

  • 12-Volt, 4.5-Amp – $18.95
  • 12-Volt, 7.2-Amp – $22.48

Noco Genius™ Multipurpose Chargers


Wicked small and smart, Noco Genius Multi-Purpose Chargers come in many different styles. The G750 is a five-step, fully automatic, switch-mode battery charger and maintainer, best for small battery applications from 1.2-30Ah, such as charging your motorcycle, ATV, jet ski, or snowmobile. In addition, the G750 can effectively maintain any 6-volt or 12-volt batteries in larger applications, including cars, RVs, boats and trucks.


What are Battery Chargers?

Battery chargers are devices used to recharge a battery with power. Most auto batteries or deep cycle batteries can be recharged many, many times during their lifetime. Battery chargers put electricity or power into the battery where it is stored for later use.

Reason to buy a Battery Charger?

A battery charger can be helpful for many reasons. For example, for those who have cars that are in storage or not used very often, a battery charger can be indispensable. If the car is not used, the battery may lose power and need charging in order to start the car. In this case, a battery charger can give the battery enough power to start the car. There are other deep cycle batteries used to power recreational vehicles, wheelchairs, jet skies, and other applications. A battery charger can help you easily recharge your battery rather than having the battery serviced or purchasing a new battery.

What size battery charger should I buy?

When looking to purchase a battery charger, you’ll need to determine the type of battery you have first. You’ll need to make sure the battery charger and battery are compatible. Most battery chargers can be used with several different types of batteries, although Gel Cell batteries are not always compatible with other battery chargers. Next, you should determine the amps you’ll need. The size you would like really depends on how fast you’ll need to charge the battery. A more powerful battery charger will get your battery charged quickly. Lower powered chargers also get the job done, but may need upwards of 10 hours to completely charge a battery that holds 100 amp hours.

When should I charge my battery instead of replacing it?

When you purchase your battery, check the life expectancy. This will help you gauge how long you can expect the battery to function properly before needing to replace it. You should be able to recharge your battery many times over its life expectancy. As long as your battery seems to be functioning properly, it’s ok to charge it. Check to make sure your battery is in good working condition. Be sure there is no corrosion on the plugs, and inspect the casing for warped or bulging. If there is any corrosion, proceed with cleaning it off. If the battery appears swollen, the battery may not be safe to recharge. You’ll need to have it checked first. Additionally, keep track of how long the battery holds its charge. Make sure that the battery is depleting at a rate that seems normal for how much it’s being used. If the battery seems to be losing its charge too quickly, it may be time to get a new battery. When in doubt, you may consider getting your battery checked or performing some basic tests on the battery to ensure it is in good working condition. All batteries reach the end of their lives and need to be replaced at some point. If you perform frequent maintenance and take good care of your battery, it should last you quite a while and be able to retain a charge many times.


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