For your company’s data center or any critical environment, experiencing a loss of power can be disastrous. You lose valuable information, advances and waste time. However, luckily, with today’s technology, you can make use of modular UPS systems that will help you maintain stable power supply. Of course, there are other options for handling power outages so that you don’t lose data or waste precious time. Why choose a modular UPS system?

Here are some of the many benefits these systems offer:

Low Failure Rates

Modular UPS Systems include plenty of redundancy which means downtime is minimal. Where one power module fails, a repeat module takes over. You can replace single faulty units while the rest of the system continues to function flawlessly. This increases the reliability of the system. Traditional stand-alone UPS systems are much more vulnerable to significant faults and failures that will have the whole system down.

Easy to Grow

If you’re business or power needs grow, you can quickly add additional units as you need them, building your modular UPS system on the go. This is contrary to the alternative stand-alone UPS systems that are created based on a fixed capacity. Because you can grow your modular system as you go, they are extraordinarily efficient:


Modular UPS systems are incredibly efficient because you can create them to provide the exact amount of power you’ll need. In addition, they are known for operating on lower utility costs. If you opt for a stand-alone system, you’ll likely be tempted to install a system you can grow into, meaning you’ll be paying energy costs to run a system that’s bigger than you need until you reach capacity.

Although modular systems may seem more costly, in the long run, they’re not. You’ll save energy costs by only paying for what you need. Then, as you grow, you can avoid needing to replace the stand-alone system to serve a more significant load. Furthermore, you reach maximum efficiency when you are using nearly the full capacity of your system. With a modular UPS system, you can easily achieve this without fear of struggling to expand in the future.

Space Saver

Modular UPS systems don’t take up a lot of space. When compared to parallel systems, the modular UPS option will save you a lot when it comes to floor space, meaning you can fit your data center into a smaller area.

Are you ready to install your own modular UPS system? Now that you know the benefits, you can take advantage of them for your organization’s needs. With a UPS system, you’ll get the best value for your money while still protecting your power supply for critical processes.

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