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Will a Lithium Shortage Affect Battery Production?

In today’s world lithium-ion batteries are increasingly used to power everything from laptops and smartphones to electric cars and radio-controlled vehicles. Rising consumption of lithium and other materials used in these batteries has led some observers to wonder whether the world might soon experience a shortage or other production problems. Experts say that the answer [...]

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5 Reasons why your Jet Ski Battery is Dying

We buy jet skis for one reason and one reason only: to have a ton of fun. After a long work week, going to the beach or the lake can be a key ingredient to our happiness and to satisfy our need for speed. Why else would we drop a few grand on an awesome [...]

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How the Summer Heat Can Affect Your Car Battery

A long hot summer can do a number on your car battery. However, perhaps it isn’t until fall rolls around that you notice you’re having trouble starting your car. As a result, you may be tempted to blame the cool weather for your battery troubles. While both the heat and cold affect car batteries, it’s [...]

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Top 5 Causes of a Shorter UPS Battery Life

A UPS, in this context, is an uninterruptible power supply. These devices are designed to ensure that small interruptions to your main electrical supply go by unnoticed. As they can only provide power for a short amount of time, they are not an alternative to a generator in the case of a complete power outage. [...]

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5 Tips and Tricks to Extend UPS Battery Life

An Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is one of the most significant investments you can install in your home. A UPS battery provides power for short periods of time during a power outage. It gives you time to save documents, shut down computers, and protect your devices from damage. Power surges from lightning can cause [...]

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How to Know When Your Home Alarm System Battery Needs Replacement

Rampant crimes in large cities across the United States make security alarms a popular addition to American homes. It offers peace of mind to homeowners who want to protect their belongings and families. You need to keep the instruction manual for your home alarm system and write down important information such as the model number, [...]

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7 Things that Can Cause Power Outages in Southern California

Power outages are a nuisance, but they are also part of life here in Southern California. When faced with an outage, you may find yourself wondering, “what is going on?” Yet, power outages are often a result of events beyond anyone’s, including the power company’s, control. Below, read on for 7 things that can cause [...]

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5 Unexpected Things that Can Help with Car Battery Problems

Battery problems seem to pop up at the worst possible times. You are heading out for an important interview, trying to get home after a late night, or looking to impress a date. But, for the most part, car battery problems can be avoided. Below are 5 unexpected things that can help with car battery [...]

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6 Benefits of Having a UPS Backup Battery for Your Computer

Not sure if investing in a UPS Backup Battery is worth it? Many benefits come along with this helpful piece of equipment. A UPS or an uninterruptible power supply is a small device that is connected between your computer and the outlet providing you with power. Its job is simple: to receive power and transmit [...]

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The Quick and Easy Way to Clean Car Battery Corrosion

Have you noticed a white, ashy substance on your battery terminals? Then it’s time to clean your car’s battery corrosion. Sometimes, especially with vehicles that aren’t used frequently, the battery terminals may oxidize. This means your car isn’t making a good connection to the battery, so you may have trouble starting your car, and the [...]

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